An Open Reviewing Paradigm

ICLR uses an open publication and reviewing model.

  1. Submissions to ICLR are posted on arXiv prior to being submitted to the conference.
  2. Authors submit their paper to either the ICLR conference track or workshop track via the the conference website.
  3. After the authors have submitted their papers, the ICLR program committee designates anonymous reviewers as usual.
  4. The submitted reviews are published without the name of the reviewer, but with an indication that they are the designated reviews.
  5. Anyone can openly (non-anonymously) write and publish comments on the paper. Anyone can ask the program chairs for permission to become an anonymous designated reviewer (open bidding). The program chairs have ultimate control over the publication of each anonymous review. Open commenters will have to use their real names, linked with their Google Scholar profiles.
  6. Authors can post comments in response to reviews and comments. They can revise the paper as many times as they want, possibly citing some of the reviews.
  7. The ICLR program committee will consider all submitted papers, comments, and reviews and will decide which papers are to be presented in the conference track, which are to be presented in the workshop track, and which will not appear at ICLR.
  8. Papers that are presented in the workshop track or are not accepted will be considered non-archival, and may be submitted elsewhere (modified or not), although the ICLR site will maintain the reviews, the comments, and the links to the arXiv versions.