ICLR 2017
Call for Public Comments on Submissions

International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR 2015)
Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa, May 7-9, 2015

The program committee for the International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR 2015) invites public comments on all ICLR 2015 submissions. Under ICLR's open reviewing model anyone may provide comments on submitted papers as part of the review process. Please note that these comments will be attributed (non-anonymous) and public.

This year, ICLR is using CMT's public commenting mechanism. To participate you must log in to the ICLR 2015 CMT site

If you don't already have a CMT account, please request one.

The list of ICLR 2015 submitted papers, with links to arXiv, is available here. We recommend working from the arXiv papers because they are the most up-to-date.

If you have any questions, please send them to iclr2015.programchairs@gmail.com