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-====== ICLR 2015 Registration ======+~~NOTOC~~
-coming ​soon.+======= ICLR 2015 Registration Process ======= 
 +To register for ICLR 2015, you need to complete two steps: 
 +  - Complete the conference registration form. 
 +  - Pay the registration fee. 
 +Please pay with a credit card in your name or provide the same E-mail address in both steps so we can match your registration and payment. ​ If we can't do that, your registration will be incomplete. 
 +**Note**: Paypal currently is saying that your payment is for ICLR2014. ​ We are working on fixing this, but be assured that the payments are for this year's conference. 
 +**Authors:​** be sure to list the papers you will be presenting on your registration form, and ensure that each paper is covered by a registration (one registration can cover multiple papers) by April 10th. 
 +======= Conference Registration Form ======= 
 +<iframe src="​https://​docs.google.com/​forms/​d/​1SuE7tRwqUfAYWUYuf30IQC1PjjdUbTXR520Vd8NUrIM/​viewform?​embedded=true"​ width="​760"​ height="​500"​ frameborder="​0"​ marginheight="​0"​ marginwidth="​0">​Loading...</​iframe>​ 
 +======= Payment ======= 
 +<form action="​https://​www.paypal.com/​cgi-bin/​webscr"​ method="​post"​ target="​_top">​ 
 +<input type="​hidden"​ name="​cmd"​ value="​_s-xclick">​ 
 +<input type="​hidden"​ name="​hosted_button_id"​ value="​P6S56J63KCWNG">​ 
 +<​tr><​td><​input type="​hidden"​ name="​on0"​ value="​Registration Options">​Registration Options</​td></​tr><​tr><​td><​select name="​os0">​ 
 + <option value="​Student - Late">​Student - Late $600.00 USD</​option>​ 
 + <option value="​Regular - Late">​Regular - Late $800.00 USD</​option>​ 
 +</​select>​ </​td></​tr>​ 
 +<input type="​hidden"​ name="​currency_code"​ value="​USD">​ 
 +<input type="​image"​ src="​https://​www.paypalobjects.com/​en_US/​i/​btn/​btn_paynowCC_LG.gif"​ border="​0"​ name="​submit"​ alt="​PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!">​ 
 +<img alt=""​ border="​0"​ src="​https://​www.paypalobjects.com/​en_US/​i/​scr/​pixel.gif"​ width="​1"​ height="​1">​ 
 +======= Refund Policy ======= 
 +If you need to cancel your registration and receive a refund, please send an email to <​iclr2015.programchairs@gmail.com>​ as soon as possible. 
 +ICLR 2015 is unable to refund Paypal service fees.  If you request a refund, we will return a portion of your registration,​ less the service fees, according to the table below. ​ **No refunds will be made after 23:59 EDT, Wednesday, April 15, 2015.** 
 +^ Refund request date ^ Refund amount (after service fees) ^ 
 +| Before April 16 and less than 30 days after payment |  100%  | 
 +| Before April 16 and 30 - 55 days after payment ​     |   ​50% ​ | 
 +| On or after April 16 or 56 or more days after payment ​  ​| ​   0%  | 
 +======= Hotel Reservations ======= 
 +There is a negotiated room rate for ICLR 2015.  Please use this [[http://​www.hilton.com/​en/​hi/​groups/​personalized/​S/​SANHIHF-CBL515-20150506/​index.jhtml|link]] for reservations. ​ If you have difficulty with the booking site, please call the Hilton San Diego'​s in-house reservation team directly at +1-619-276-4010 ext. 1. 
 +======= Visa Invitation Letter ======= 
 +If you need to apply for a visa to enter the United States for ICLR 2015, please contact Karen Smith (iclr2015.ksmith@gmail.com) to request an invitation letterPlease put "ICLR invitation letter"​ in the subject line of your email, with the following information in the contents:  
 +  * Name (as it appears on your passport) 
 +  * Address 
 +  * Date of birth 
 +  * Affiliation 
 +  * Phone number 
 +  * Place of Birth (City, Country)