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 ======= Hotel Reservations ======= ======= Hotel Reservations =======
-In order to make reservations at our group rate, call the reservations department at 787-721-0303 ext 2156 or email reservations.caribe@hilton.com. You must make reference to group codeICLR16 +Call the reservations department at 787-721-0303 ext 2156 or email at reservations.caribe@hilton.com ​for reservations at the Caribe Hilton. 
 +You can also try [[https://​aws.passkey.com/​g/​53119545|this link]] for the personalized group webpage for the Caribe Hilton.
-OR use the link below to personalized group webpage: +The Group Rate at the Caribe Hotel is no longer available ​There'​s a very limited number of rooms available at the rate of $209 for the nights of May 1st2nd & 3rd.  ​The $209/night rooms will be available to our group until they'​re gone.  ​Otherwise, ​the rates are around $240-250 or higher.
- +
-https://​resweb.passkey.com/​Resweb.do?​mode=welcome_gi_new&​groupID=53119545 +
- +
-Please be advised that the cutoff date for the group rate will be April 12016.  ​After this date, reservation requests and rates will be based upon availability.  ​Please take advantage of this very favorable rate and book your room by the deadline.+
 +Please utilize websites such as [[http://​www.hotels.com/​|Hotels.com]] to find alternative accommodations.