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 ==== Where ==== ==== Where ====
 [[http://​toulontourisme.com/​palais-congres-toulon/​en|Palais des Congrès Neptune, Toulon, France]] [[http://​toulontourisme.com/​palais-congres-toulon/​en|Palais des Congrès Neptune, Toulon, France]]
 +==== Schedule ====
 +The current schedule is [[iclr2017:​schedule|here]].
 ==== Registration ==== ==== Registration ====
-To register, go [[iclr2017:​registration|here]].+To register, go [[iclr2017:​registration|here]]. ​<​html><​font color="​red"><​b>​Registration is now CLOSED!!</​b></​font></​html>​  
 +==== Internet ==== 
 +Here is the Wi-Fi information for the confrence:​\\ 
 +**Network Name:** palais-neptune\\ 
 +**Password:​** neptune83 
 +==== Live Streaming ==== 
 +We will be streaming the oral sessions to our Facebook page at https://​www.facebook.com/​iclr.cc
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 For more information,​ [[iclr2017:​toulon| click here]]. For more information,​ [[iclr2017:​toulon| click here]].
-==== Student Funding ​====+==== ICLR Awards ​==== 
 +The recipient of the **ICLR Best Paper Awards** have been selected. See the [[iclr2017:​schedule|schedule]] for the 3 selected papers.
-There are two opportunities for students who would like to obtain some funding ​to attend ICLR 2017:+Also this year, **ICLR Best Review Awards** were also given to the authors of reviews that were found to be of particularly high quality by the area chairs. For the recipients (and the reviews!) see [[iclr2017:review_awards|here]].
-  - Students that are authors on an accepted paper in the Conference Track can apply for **travel support**. More information [[iclr2017:​main:​travelawards|here]]. 
-  - Any student that would like to attend and be waived their registration fees can apply to be a **volunteer**. More information [[iclr2017:​main:​volunteer|here]]. 
-The application deadline for both opportunities is **Monday March 6th**. 
 ==== External Pages ==== ==== External Pages ====
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