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Asynchronous Gradient Play in Zero-Sum Multi-agent Games
Ruicheng Ao · Shicong Cen · Yuejie Chi
Novel View Synthesis with Diffusion Models
Daniel Watson · William Chan · Ricardo Martin Brualla · Jonathan Ho · Andrea Tagliasacchi · Mohammad Norouzi
Wed 7:30 Harnessing Mixed Offline Reinforcement Learning Datasets via Trajectory Weighting
Zhang-Wei Hong · Pulkit Agrawal · Remi Tachet des Combes · Romain Laroche
Behavior Prior Representation learning for Offline Reinforcement Learning
Hongyu Zang · Xin Li · Jie Yu · Chen Liu · Riashat Islam · Remi Tachet des Combes · Romain Laroche
Mon 7:30 Trading Information between Latents in Hierarchical Variational Autoencoders
Tim Xiao · Robert Bamler
Mon 1:40 Domain Generalization via Heckman-type Selection Models
Hyungu Kahng · Hyungrok Do · Judy Zhong
Mon 7:30 Decoupled Training for Long-Tailed Classification With Stochastic Representations
Giung Nam · Sunguk Jang · Juho Lee
Fuzzy Alignments in Directed Acyclic Graph for Non-Autoregressive Machine Translation
Zhengrui Ma · Chenze Shao · Shangtong Gui · Min Zhang · Yang Feng
Tue 7:30 Building a Subspace of Policies for Scalable Continual Learning
Jean-Baptiste Gaya · Thang Doan · Lucas Caccia · Laure Soulier · Ludovic Denoyer · Roberta Raileanu
Unbiased Stochastic Proximal Solver for Graph Neural Networks with Equilibrium States
Mingjie Li · Yifei Wang · Yisen Wang · Zhouchen Lin
Mon 2:30 3D Segmenter: 3D Transformer based Semantic Segmentation via 2D Panoramic Distillation
ZHENNAN WU · YANG LI · Yifei Huang · Lin Gu · Tatsuya Harada · Hiroyuki Sato