Operationalizing AI for Healthcare

Ana Lucic, Rosie Campbell

[ Abstract ]
Mon 3 May noon PDT — 2 p.m. PDT


Although considerable progress has been made on utilizing AI for healthcare, in both personal and public health, there still exists a gap between research and practice when operationalizing it. What are the challenges in operationalizing AI in healthcare applications such as clinical diagnosis, drug development, patient triaging, individual treatment recommendations, epidemic forecasting, and outbreak detection? How do these challenges differ across various regions in the world? In this social, we want to exchange ideas for how to overcome these challenges by connecting researchers and practitioners from within the ICLR community to share their experiences with (attempting to) solve problems in healthcare with AI. We aim to foster a community of stakeholders involved in this space, including researchers, practitioners, and affected groups, in order to understand the needs and values of all stakeholders involved in the process.

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