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Secular Trends in ML Research with Morgan Stanley and Friends

Yuriy Nevmyvaka


Join prominent academics in an interactive round table discussion on a variety of top-of-mind topics in ML, including applications at financial institutions. Panelists will include

  • Professor Tomaso Aste from UCL
  • PhD candidate Christopher Jung from Penn
  • Professor Michael Kearns from Penn
  • Professor Aleksander Madry from MIT
  • Professor Ameet Talwalkar from CMU
  • Professor Irina Rish from MILA
  • Professor Stephen Roberts from Oxford

The conversation will be moderated by Morgan Stanley’s Head of ML Research Dr. Yuriy Nevmyvaka. Topics may include networks, big tech vs startup “rebel alliance”, DNN “primitives” for tabular/market data, fairness, privacy, explainability, NAS (for use cases beyond vision and NLP), ML Research careers in Finance, and more.

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