ICLR 2023 Visa and Travel Information


  • Your current passport must have a validity of at least six months on the day of entry into Rwanda 
  • All citizens can secure visa upon arrival in Kigali
  • When asked, reference that you are in town for ICLR 2023
  • Make sure to know the name of the hotel you will be lodging in
  • Visa costs US $50 - payment in cash (USD, Euro or British Pounds only) or major international credit cards.  No fee is required if you are from some of the countries (including the African Union, Commonwealth and Francophonie) mentioned Here.
Should you wish to secure your visa prior to your travel - please visit US Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda - Visa


Ethiopian Airlines Logo

Ethiopian Airlines is ICLR's official airline partner offering a 15% discount to all attendees of the ICLR 2023 Conference.
Please visit Ethiopian Airlines to find your flights.
Discount code:   ICL23

Travel restriction: April 20 – May 15, 2023      

If anyone is purchasing through a travel agent, the discount will not apply.  It only applies for online through the airline website or through actual Ethiopian airline ticketing office.



Recommended vaccinations and medications

COVID-19 Flight Regulations (East Africa/Kigali) 

US Embassy List of Doctors, Dentists and Health Providers

Travel Insurance Considerations



The Rwandan franc (RWF) is the official currency, though U.S. dollars may also be used. Most vendors and banks will only accept U.S. bills printed after 2009, and exchange bureaus and hotels may refuse bills smaller than $100. Most hotels accept credit cards; but it is recommended to confirm with your hotel before arrival. In Kigali, several businesses, including restaurants and boutiques, accept credit cards. Expect to handle other expenses in cash. Most shops will not accept or exchange U.S. dollars printed before 2009. ATMs are abundant in Kigali, and usually accept most ATM cards. Credit card cash withdrawals are available only through a few banks in Kigali.


Public transportation

Transportation Tips

Kigali Bus Service

Shared buses and minibuses are the most common form of public transportation. 

  • Use licensed public bus and auto taxi companies
  • Confirm the fare with the driver before departing
  • Be cautious when using motorbike taxis, as they are generally unsafe
  • Don’t use motorbike taxis at night